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 A view of the upper pool and waterfall of this 3-level pond and stream installed at a bed and breakfast inn .

 View of the stream and lower pool at the bed and breakfast shows how the natural slope of the land can be used to dramatic effect.

 This view from the deck of the bed and breakfast shows the whole pond just after completion, before landscaping around the area had been added.

 This is a "pondless waterfall" installed on the corner of a home owner's existing deck. The pump and filter are hidden in a gravel basin. These are great for those who want water features without an open water pond.

 This backyard was beautified with a simple yet dramatic pond with cascading waterfal

 This pond and stream utilize the dramatic slope of the yard to create a beautiful eye catcher with multiple waterfalls. The sound of these cascades brings a feeling of being in a tropical paradise.

These huge boulders were set into place and the pond was built around them at a gun and sporting goods shop. The pond has a very natural look.

 Full view of the same pond.

Here's an example of a "disappearing" waterfall, which has no open pond, the stream simply runs into a gravel filled reservoir and is pumped back to the falls. These are becoming more popular with people who want a water feature but not a typical full pond with fish, etc. These can be maintained with very little effort.

"Disappearing" waterfall and stream

This large pond was designed to be viewed from a gazebo, and is often visited by deer and other wildlife.