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 The main pool was dug out with shelves cut into the dirt for the rockwork to be placed. Special attention must be given to a steep slope like this in order to create the desired water level in the lower pool.

 The lower pool liner is folded into place and held in with rocks. EPDM rubber liners are easy to install and will stand up to the elements for many years.

 The stream liner is in place and the main rockwork is being laid in on the shelves. A special shelf was cut in for the beautiful sitting lady sculpture.

 Basic construction is complete and water is added to make sure the waterfall and stream flow as desired. All that's left is adding fish, plants and surrounding landscaping.

 A view of the completed pond with all the surrounding elements added to make this a beautiful natural addition to this homeowner's yard. An otherwise unusable sloping area becomes a soothing focal point to enjoy from the upper patio or lower sitting area.

 A closer view of the completed stream and pond